Face & Back Waxing

When the hair is removed at the root instead of cut from the surface, it grows back in smoothly, meaning you’ll be stubble-free. Smoother skin also makes for a more flawless makeup application.

It Won’t Break the Bank: It’s affordable! Since the face is such a small surface area, less wax is needed, so it’s less expensive than waxing larger parts of the body.

You’ll Grow Less Hair: Think of it as training your hair. The more you wax, the less it grows over time. How great is that?

Long Lasting Results: You’ll get about 2-3 weeks’ worth of results from a facial wax — a lot longer than other removal methods.


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When Booking, a Minimum of 3 three hours notice is needed


Jing is unavailable for cosmetic and well being treatments until 3rd June 2024

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